Who I am


It all started with a fight…

It all started with a fight with my sister when I was 8 years old. I was so angry that I took one of my notebooks and I started to write everything that I had in mind. I wrote my first journal just like that. And I never stopped.

Funny thing is that I hated school but I always loved to write stories about people or invent stories in my heads.

Later on, with my friends, we used to send to each other during summer time, letters about stories of heroes or drawing mini comics or writing about our adventures, if there were any…

Then I felt in love with guys but it was platonic and wrote about my desperate love for them, not knowing that nothing would ever happen. I wrote my feelings, reading at the same time The Spleen from Baudelaire. This is also the moment I started to write poems.

Then came the university age with more independence and more parties too. I was still writing but not as much as I used to do. I met new people, travelled from time to time, studied abroad and met again people.

Finally came adulthood, I had to grow up. I got pregnant, bought a house with a man, got a job et so on.

All was planned until I decided to separate from my ex and decided to take my 2 girls with me.

I thought it would mean freedom for me and my daughters, but instead I was going in the wrong directions.

Two years passed and I was still ruminating about my past relationships.

I burned out too. It led me to a long period of personal development.

It is when I came back to my mom’s home, I looked for things in the past to understand myself and I found many journals.

At that moment, I realized that writing was important to me as it was a way for me to cope with pain and to express my feelings.

I rediscovered my past, my present and was wondering what would be my future.

So I restarted to write poetry.

I don’t have or follow rules when writing poetry because I need to feel free.

It is not perfect it is not meant to be.

Sorry for those who expect couplet or sonnet but I hope you will enjoy them.

I mostly write about people I met, I cross the road for a long period or at a glimpse, who influenced my life in a good or bad way.

But I write to express what is deep inside me and I’m ready to share it now.


Zohra Adaoui