I was watching


I was watching that man in the tram

Passing his hands through her hairs

Like a soft caress made by the wind

Caring for her

I was watching that couple in the cinema

He was touching her knee

Taking her hands softly

Like it was the most fragile thing

Reassuring her after all that time


To good men, they exist

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Are we in accord?


Looking for the good rhythm to describe our love

When are we going to find the right note?

To be in harmony, cause’ we belong to the same music

First time we met, we started with the wrong mic’.

When I wanted a duet

You played a solo

It was not always the beautiful melody

We promised to each other

My sol and I get cold.

On a scale, I was beating up.

Sometimes I sounded like a record player

Your voice did not need an amplifier.

Our classical moments shattered

By our own heavy metal fights

You were the performer

Covering in me the composer

Singing out loud our hate

Listening softly our love

To the DJ I admire

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In the ocean of love


In the ocean of love,

There is only one fish I want to catch.

But he has been taken by another fisherman.

Maybe he will be well treated.

And may never come back in the Ocean

Maybe he we be cooked.

Dying, not knowing that I wanted him

Perhaps he got sick.

And the fisherman threw him away

In the Ocean.

It is alright because I’ll be there.

Waiting patiently to catch him.

To C.

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Living in the neighborhood


I used to bend over you

I used to think that you were smarter

I used to close my eyes to you

I used to give you my word

I used to belittle myself because of skin color

I used to escape your room of fear

I used to jump in your sea

I used to forget myself

I used to blame you

I used to be ashamed of being born

I used to complain about you

I used to not go with the flow

I used to be complexed of being too slow

I used to feel your superiority

Now I just see a wrinkled face full of pity.

To the racists

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The saddest society of any time



I was sitting in a park

Starting my meditation

When a woman around my age parked

She sat near to me

Checking her position

She laid a blanket

Leaving her bicycle on the grass

She grabbed a book with grace

Looking around like she waits

She closed her eyes for a moment

I observed her enjoyment

She was watching people passing by

A dad with his kids

As she wanted to be theirs

A couple touching and flirting

A girl exercising

I saw the same things as her

Realizing at the end of the day

She was sitting next to me

And I was not able to talk to her

Doing the same thing

The same people watching


In the Park, observing people

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