99 friends



I’ve got 99 friends

We talk and get along quickly

We chat and add each other in the Newbook

I’ve got 89 friends

We poke and chill virtually

We play and sometimes spook

I’ve got 69 friends

We travel and don’t connect anymore

We are strangers and just become curious

I’ve got 49 friends

We start family and are too busy to open the door

We clean dirt and leave jealous and furious

I’ve got 29 friends

I’m sick and crazy, it does that!

They are afraid and blind

I’ve got 9 friends

We are all gathered in my flat.

We are supportive and find peace of mind.

I’ve got 4 friends

My mum and my sister

My two daughters.

Always care and here for me

Never forget me.

To my small family

Copyright © 2019 CrossingPeople All rights reserved

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