My First Healthy Relationship


He untied my deepest knots.

When I was drowning in my dark thoughts.

He softened my broken soul.

Bringing me light into this big empty hole.

He never had to touch me.

Making me love my body.

He told me dreamy stories.

Never had him to please.

He never asked for anything.

Allowing me to discover divergent way of thinking.

He was my first healthy relationship.

I embarked on his ship.

Following him blind.

Carried away by the wind.

He never judged me.

Even inside, I had a lack of empathy.

He changed the meaning of words.

Rising experience of the worlds.

He played with my mind unselfish.

Accepting my mistaken blemish.

He taught me to love myself.

Without whispering under my breath.

He brought me to unknown places.

Leaving me to the extraordinary spaces.


To my relaxation therapist, thank you.

Copyright © 2019 CrossingPeople All rights reserved

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