The bitch of the 2nd floor


Hey neighbor,

This is the bitch of the 2nd floor.

I know I disturbed you.

I’m not that type of you.

I cried out loud.

Not admitting I burned out.

I screamed to the kids.


You came with your leads.

You got me started.

Your feet getting me scared.

You woke me up.

I got angry and got up.

For revenge, you put the music out loud.

Not looking at me in the crowd.

Unpredictable, when I think we’re in peace.

Breaking my head in 15 pieces.

I know you changed of girlfriends.

We don’t need to be friends.

But I understand.

Our heart is not trained.

I know you work at night.

In the day, need to sleep tight.

I tell them to be empathetic.

Even if you think I’m pathetic.

Trying so hard to satisfy you.

I forgot myself just for you.

So, I decided It sucks.

I don’t to give a fuck.


To my neighbor.

Copyright © 2019 CrossingPeople All rights reserved

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