Empty bottle filled with company


I don’t drink anymore.

I wanted too much and more.

At first, exciting sensation of champagne.

A kiss, a touch, you got me insane.

Two bottles of vodka.

And you drove me in the back.

I let you think you abuse me.

Feel sorry, don’t trust me.

Fight my shyness, getting dizzy.

Forgetting, I drove you crazy.

Flourishing glasses of cocktails.

Hot in there, I get off my dress.

Four pints of beer.

To hide loneliness and fear.

You serve me a bowl of Campari.

Begging you for company.

Like beasts, dancing around me.

Betting they will catch me.

But you already chose me.

Too drunk to think free.

You got control of my body.

In the morning, whisky on ice.

To wipe the tears on my eyes.

Walking with my wine bottle

Like playing the lost girl.

To the old me.

Copyright © 2019 CrossingPeople All rights reserved

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