She was here, there and gone


When I close my eyes

I can imagine all our lives

I remember you telling me stories about your mum

You sanctified her as you were waiting for her to come

Our laughs were hiding our fears

Dreaming to be heroes catching bad guys to beat

Innocence written on agendas.

Drawing auto destructive nightmares for legend

Then came boys and girls killing our connection

Jealousy starting in slow motion

Not able to cope with my passion

Not realizing how much I needed your attention

Drowning in alcohol and drug for sensations

Me taking care of your addictions

Playing the mum, thinking this would help

On contrary, you got fed up and took a step

Our road got separated for your breath

Our way crossing again by death

Me changing, playing a stupid game

Men again hitting me, and you blame

Didn’t want to forgive that time

Nothing worked like I committed a crime

Calling you, writing you, forgetting you

To tell you, I will always love you.

To my best friend.

Copyright © 2019 CrossingPeople All rights reserved

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