Into the New culture generation



Calling you millennials

But in denial

Don’t want to face

Only taking care of themselves

The crying, the dying, the mourning,

The hurting, rejecting everything

Don’t want to see it

Looking for the new outfits

Faking the eighties

Too cool to transgress the rules

Thinking they’re rich

Gaming to be bitch

Never take decisions

But on their Walls, giving opinions

Fucking in front of the world

Revenge on the ex, using Blue bird

Recording on Porn Hub to blame

Seeking for the fame

Hooking up Quick’n fast

Open relationships never last

Like ordering a Burger King

So many menus, swiping

No sorry, No empathy

No vulnerability

It’s for the old lady.

To the new generation

Copyright © 2019 CrossingPeople All rights reserved

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