You saw me



You saw me crying first

Never let me go dirt

You saw me walking

No one could have been minded blurring

You saw me falling

Never fed up watching

You saw me running

My medals collecting

You saw me stressing

Always a good word whispering

You saw me praying

Like an angel passing

You saw me failing

But kept, in secret, smiling

You saw me waiting

For better things happening

You saw me, my baby, having

With your deception disappearing

You saw me myself, hurting

Kept me a world promising

You saw me, again crying

Even forgetful telling

Always and forever caring.


To my beloved dad, I will always love you.

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99 friends



I’ve got 99 friends

We talk and get along quickly

We chat and add each other in the Newbook

I’ve got 89 friends

We poke and chill virtually

We play and sometimes spook

I’ve got 69 friends

We travel and don’t connect anymore

We are strangers and just become curious

I’ve got 49 friends

We start family and are too busy to open the door

We clean dirt and leave jealous and furious

I’ve got 29 friends

I’m sick and crazy, it does that!

They are afraid and blind

I’ve got 9 friends

We are all gathered in my flat.

We are supportive and find peace of mind.

I’ve got 4 friends

My mum and my sister

My two daughters.

Always care and here for me

Never forget me.

To my small family

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If she was here


If she was here,

She would touch my head.

With her soft hand sitting on my bed.

She would hug me strongly.

Telling me to continue courageously.

Live in harmony and be happy.

If she was here,

She would cook me her best meal.

Warming my empty heartbeat.

She would jump in a car.

Taking care of me and the kids.

While he is in a bar (or Even if it is too far).

And fulfilling my loneliness needs.

If she was here,

She would plant all the trees.

Underneath them, reading me magical stories.

She would kiss my chicks for the last time.

And joining the stars to finally shine.

For someone I cared for like a mum.

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I heard about You

They teached me to fear You

They never said, I could love You

Kids sometimes make fun of You

Still innocent, they deserve You

Married women ask for You

So, they can get anything from You

Dogs understand You

Living without noticing You

Virgins request a good man from You

Ending up with a monster from You

Dirty souls want forgiveness of You

On their last breath they fail You

Nice souls are comfortable with You

Their expectations are not enough for You

Terrorists dream of special connection with You

Only getting the opposite of You

And me trying to figure out You

My whole road is always looking for You.

To the One who holds my life in his hands

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Shameful and not really sorry



Aren’t you shameful?

But ask for forgiveness every day.

Doesn’t want to look like a full.

Don’t care much of what you say.


You live in a world where you don’t feel anything

Giving speeches with non-senses

You don’t give a fuck of things

That matter and prefer appearances


You open yourself to your million’s followers

Your words out of the Blue bird.

Show that your heart and your brain

Are made of sands taken by the train

Leaving you like a hole.

With no destiny and no less traveled road.


To the man who thinks he is the most powerful man in the world.

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Don’t seat next to me


Parents don’t seat next to me

My silent voice is disturbing

Judging, different than me

Higher self esteem untrusting

Feeling sad sickness in me

Upper class wearing sunglasses

Against my old jeans and long black shirt

My girls not acting like masses

Their self-confident kids never dirt

Even when progenitures seat next to me

They ‘re able to see truth in me

Smiling so innocently

Parents forced me to respond politely

To parents in the park

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My loneliness


She was my companion

I tried to ignore on

Filling up with company and drinks

Inventing fake stories

That did not exist

I tried to escape her

She was glued to me

Never game reprieve

Reminding me in the dark night

Lying down in bed

The unavoidable

Forced me to wake up

Too early

Causing anxiety

She got me angry

She ran after me

Leaving me breathless

She begged me to give her space

Finally, she won

Leaving me crying for months

One day I decided to talk to her

She got scared

I cared for her first time

Holding her around my arms.

We were just One.

To myself

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