The saddest society of any time



I was sitting in a park

Starting my meditation

When a woman around my age parked

She sat near to me

Checking her position

She laid a blanket

Leaving her bicycle on the grass

She grabbed a book with grace

Looking around like she waits

She closed her eyes for a moment

I observed her enjoyment

She was watching people passing by

A dad with his kids

As she wanted to be theirs

A couple touching and flirting

A girl exercising

I saw the same things as her

Realizing at the end of the day

She was sitting next to me

And I was not able to talk to her

Doing the same thing

The same people watching


In the Park, observing people

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Undiplomatic feelings


Sitting in front of you

Your eyes, warm inside

I could plunge in your blue water

You’re waking up in me unwanted feelings

You disturb my mind

I’m never able to figure out

Once I think I understand

Another time, I pleased you

Never on the same level of your game

Always surprised, you rule and I’m late

I shot down my feet

Knowing you will get cold feet

Pretending and faking

The “femme fatale” I’m playing

In reality, too scared

To commit and profoundly dedicated

Never on the same page

Like attraction was a gage

Not trusting you

Feeling uncomfortable around you

My body wants you

But my head scream danger

You, looking too much others.

You’re another victim of my out-love life

You never talked to me in a way I wish

I’m in your net like a fish

Knowing it is not ethical

Waiting for the signal

But in our so diplomatic world

You will never whisper a word.

To B, the disturbing seducer.

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A group of women


We are all sitting around a table

One is touching her hairs

Another is laughing out loud

She is looking at her

The other is going to the bar

She observes her

They are blond, brunettes

They have long or short hairs

From the youngest fashionista

To the classical mature woman

Made up or natural beauties

Dressed in so many ways

So different styles

But united by one thing

The pleasure and pride

To be together and women.

To the lesbians who welcomed me a hetero.

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I’m sorry, my Body


I let you ride freely on a bike

Suddenly a boy hurt your chest

Leaving your breasts with a scar

I let you run so fast

To escape, breaking your knees

So, you’ll never be the last

I let you play with boys

Touched innocently your skin

Naïvely trusting their choices

I let you think you are fat

Throwing up in a tub

Your mouth bleeding on the bath mat

I let you unwillingly caressed

Their lips all over you

Drunken men, always rushed

I let you give uncertainly life

Living with stretch marks

Like a stranger cut you with a knife

I let you get brutally beaten

Marking you with bruises

Your mind unable to get them disappeared

I let you work out so hard

Lost and spiritless

While your pride brain met the darkness

I let you run my destiny

Learning to listen and respect you

Because without you

I’m not connected to my infinity.

To my Body, I love you

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A la croisée des chemins



Quand mon père est mort

C’est comme si c’était ouvert la boîte de Pandore

35 ans en 2018

En attendant la suite

Un changement s’est imposé à moi.

Après un formidable burn-out

J’ai commencé à écrire ce qui est au fond de moi

Des mots, des écrits, des poèmes

Sur les personnes

Dont j’ai croisé le chemin

Mauvaises ou bonnes

Au fond des êtres humains

Elles m’ont influencées.

Avec certaines j’ai reculé

D’autres m’ont fait sublimées

Ailleurs, elles m’ont subjuguées

Evitante, hésitante

C’est ce qu’on voit en moi, apparente

Une armure invisible en guise de protection

Fabriquée à toute épreuve en réaction

Je suis un mélange de contradictions

Faite d’un dualisme d’émotions

J’ai appris à me faire mon opinion

Et à la partager, pour ne plus être un pion.

A toutes les personnes que j’ai rencontré sur mon passage.

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The same place

The same men

The same hate

That got me angry

I cannot think clear

After an upscale of tension

Un avoided explosion

I’m all started

I know I reacted

I let him get over me

He still gets control over me

The bus driver never asked for it

My daughters never earned it

The same place

The same men

The same hate

My whole world is disturbed

Powerless and fucked up

I let him get over me

He will always control me

I search for myself

Losing control of myself

Crying in the middle of the bus stop

I can’t stop, my tears drop

The wounds are too hurtful

My mind is un forgetful

Like a reminder

My brain is blinder and blinder

To my powerless anger

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Unforgettable short love


Young love, fast break up

We fight and make up

Like nothing happened

In the fast world ended

We hold hands so tights

Afraid It won’t last

Never want to lose a second

Kissing like we won’t belong

Never give up eye sights

Starring at each other, life so bright

We play hot and cold

Knowing we will never get old.

To all young love birds I cross the road

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